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    Welcome to Blue Ridge Foot & Ankle

    Stepping Towards Pain-Free Mobility & Wellness; Your Trusted Foot & Ankle Specialists

    Located in the Heart of Upstate, South Carolina

  • How We Help Our Patients

    As a private, non-hospital-owned medical practice, Blue Ridge Foot & Ankle constantly searches for powerful & innovative podiatric therapies to heal the whole person & improve quality of life.


    No referral is necessary!

    Podiatry Procedures

    Blue Ridge offers the most advanced podiatry resources available to patients of all ages. Our practice specializes in the field of surgical & non-surgical podiatric medicine.


    Non-surgical solutions can provide equally successful long-term relief & restoration as surgical solutions. When surgery is needed, Blue Ridge combines leading specialty experience as well as exceptional expertise with the most advanced minimally invasive techniques available.

    Pediatric Services

    Does your child complain of foot pain? Does foot pain prevent your child from enjoying his or her youth? Does the Pediatrician tell you your child is just experiencing “growing pains?”


    Blue Ridge is the leading pediatric podiatry care specialist in the Upstate. Blue Ridge is an advocate for your child & implores parents to seek support for their child’s foot issues as soon as possible. Your child will get effective & efficient care that will provide a clear path back to his or her favorite activities.


    Just like our adult patients, pediatric patients do not require a referral!

    Products & Therapies

    Blue Ridge integrates patient services with the most advanced products & state-of-the-art therapies available. A majority of our products & therapies are only available in medical offices. Whether a surgical or non-surgical treatment is necessary, Blue Ridge has access to the best podiatry resources which allow patients the most options available.

  • Meet Dr. Sarah

    Dr. Sarah Schipper, formerly Dr. Sarah Fitzgerald, founded BlueRidge Foot and Ankle in her “backyard” of Upstate South Carolina.


    Affectionately known by her patients & closest friends as “Dr.Sarah,” she is a leading foot & ankle physician who believes that every patient possesses an innate healing potential. Each day Dr. Sarah & her colleagues work closely with each patient & their loved ones to deliver the highest level of compassionate care to address patient’s specific issues.


    Dr. Schipper attended undergrad at the University of Miami Honors College, & earned postgraduate degrees from Northwestern University as well as Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery. She completed her residency at MedStar Washington Hospital, Childrens National Medical Center, & Georgetown Hospital in Washington, DC.


    Prior to forming Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle, Dr. Sarah was an associate Podiatrist at Hess Orthopedics in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Subsequently, she was an associate Podiatrist for over ten years at Piedmont Podiatry in Easley & Greenville, South Carolina.


    Dr. Sarah resides in the Upstate with her family. She is a loving wife & devoted mother of three, as well as a sister & Aunt of active military.

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  • Conditions We Treat

    We treat a vast number of foot & ankle conditions. Your feet, ankles, & lower legs have more bones than any other part of the body. As a result, your lower extremities involve many different parts that need to work in unison in order to create pain-free movement. If any one of these are not functioning properly, minor to chronic conditions can occur.

  • Products & Therapies That Help Our Patients

    We offer the most advanced foot & ankle resources available

    while also constantly searching for new powerful & innovative products & therapies.

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    Custom Orthotics

    Orthotics are one of the easiest & least expensive ways to help your feet. Whether for work, lifestyle, or sport, we provide crafted custom orthotics designed to enable your body to function with optimal balance & strengh. All our custom orthotics are lightweight & designed to fit a wide variety of footwear.

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    Regenerative Medicine

    Regenerative medicine is leading the way in modern medicine. We provide innovative non-surgical therapies that aim to reconstruct diseased tissue & heal injured cells. Our aminotic stem cell injections & bio-alternative tissue grafts are anti-inflammatory options that encourage tissue growth in the injured area, & in many cases can prevent the need for surgery.

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    Therapeutic Pain Relief

    Whether generalized or acute pain, we provide advanced pain relief products formulated to increase your comfort & regain freedom of movement. Our products are pharmaceutical grade, all natural & FDA as well as NSF certified.

    MLS Laser Therapy

    MLS Laser Therapy is cited as the future in pain management amongst podiatrists. This non-invasive treatment option is a safe & effective modality that utilizes light to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, & promote wound healing. It is FDA-approved & has been proven successful as shown by extensive studies conducted in many of our country’s top institutions. Our practice has invested in the very best technology & we are proud to be on the medical technological forefront with our MLS Laser.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Testimonials 

    "Dr. Sarah and her assistant's care were magnificent. They were friendly, personable and I liked them both immediately. Dr. Sarah asked all the right questions to arrive at a diagnosis, and thoroughly explained a course of treatment."

    Grace S. - Greenville, SC

    "My daughter got passed around from one Prisma doctor to another. Not until we took her to Dr. Sarah did we get the attention my daughter required. There are no words to describe how grateful we are to be in her care and now my daughter is on track to be 100% again!!!!!!"

    Dean M. - Greenville, SC

    "I needed orthotics as I am on my feet for 8 to 10 hours per day at work. Dr. Sarah and assistant walked me through the custom orthodics process as well as helped with getting my insurance to cover them. I really had a hard time getting my employer to help with the process. So thankful Dr. Sarah jumped right in to help me."

    Jennifer G. - Grey Court, SC

    "I am on my feet constantly at my restaurant - up and down, up and down..... I tried the MLS Laser treatment and it was wonderful. My ankle sweeling went down after a few treatments and pain was gone by the last visit. Highly recommend it."

    Beth B. - Easley, SC

    "I had an abscess on the bottom of my foot and it hurt so bad I could not stand up! I called and Dr. Sarah worked me in that afternoon. She was so nice and explained everything she did to help me. I was so happy to walk out of my appointment on my own two feet."

    Billy C. - Duncan, SC

    "Dr. Sarah is absolutely one of the most knowledgable, professional, and caring physicians I have ever seen. I had a traumatic car accident over five years ago. I have seen several doctors and she was the first to actually care about my injury, determine what needed to be done, complete a minor procedure to reduce my pain, and continue to treat me to work towards a recovery. Her calm, caring approach immediately took away the stress I have had for YEARS!!!"

    William P. - Mauldin, SC

  • Contact Us

    We are conventiently located in the Upstate!

    Our office is in Mauldin, one mile from the I-385, I-185, and Hwy 276 interchange.


    5 Winchester Court
    Mauldin, South Carolina 29662
    Monday-Friday: 9am--4pm
    Closed Saturday & Sunday
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